Flowering Blooming Tea



Become entranced with this combination of Organic Flowering Teas. Perfect for any occasion, each tea bud consists of Silver Needle White Tea carefully wrapped around dried flowers. The tea slowly unfurls to reveal the beauty of the flowers within. Give someone a flower worth remembering or simply use them to enthral guests at your next dinner party. 

 The flowers are parcelled within the carefully folded Silver Needle White Tea, the very finest white tea. Unlike other teas, this Chinese white tea is made exclusively of young unopened tea silver buds and no leaves or stems at all.

Brew a cup of this tea and experience its mellow light, yet quite refreshing flavour this beautiful blooming tea will leave a lasting impression as well as giving you the enjoyment of great tasting cup of tea.


Silver Needle Tea Benefits

White tea, like other types of tea, is said to be rich in antioxidants that may be at the source of its many health benefits. Below are just a few:-

Boost Your Immune System
Silver Needle tea contains antioxidants that help boost your immune system and build your defenses. The high amount of catechins and flavonoids may prove essential to help prevent the onset of disease. Whites teas such as this one are rich in polyphenols that will keep bacteria and viruses way. So this is a good mild tea once you start to feel the first symptoms of the flu.

Heart Health
Antioxidants present in this tea may also help to promote heart health by lowering bad cholesterol levels and strengthening your blood vessels. This tea may aid in preventing blood clots that are responsible for heart attacks and strokes, protecting heart tissue from potential damage.

Digestion Aid
Light and mellow, this is a mild tea that is perfect to improve your digestion when you feel stomach cramps or nausea. With no sweeteners needed, this tea helps to relieve stomach acidity and to detoxify your digestive system. If you are suffering from indigestion or heartburn, then don’t eat heavily seasoned foods. Pair a cup of this tea with a mild steamed dish and relax. 

Promotes Body Fat Loss
This tea may help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. This not only means that you will digest your healthy food better, but it may also help your body get rid of unwanted waste materials. At the same time, Silver Needle tea is likely to give you the energy you need to perform the physical exercise you need to get into shape. This tea is rich in caffeine helping you to keep motivated.

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