Aqua Aura Crystal Water Bottle - Bamboo 500ml - Spiritual Healing - Gift Idea

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Aqua Aura Crystal Healing Water Bottle - Bamboo 

Raise your vibration and enhance your aura by allowing crystal energy infused water to bring healing energies and inspiration to your everyday life.

Harness the Power of crystal healing vibrations to bring positive energy to your everyday well-being. The Aqua Aura bottle is crafted from borosilicate glass that is BPA, BPS, BPF and PVC free.

The Crystal compartment can be opened and gems/chips can be interchanged.  

Crystals are included - please choose from the drop down list below, they can vary in size from about 0.5 -2.00 cm to fit into the crystal compartment of the bottle, and some may also be chips if we do not have the tumbles in stock.

NOTE Our Crystals or Gemstones due to their natural and unique formation may vary from the images shown on our website. we will select your choice of . crystal/gemstone from our current stock of tumbled stones or crystal chips

Please bear this in mind when ordering as the images are for a guideline only.

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