Chakra Pashmina (Deep Violet/Lilac) Crown - Scarf - Shawl - Cashmere Blend

Chakra Pashmina (Deep Violet/Lilac) Crown - Scarf  - Shawl - Cashmere Blend

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CHAKRA BALANCING Pashmina Violet Lilac Chakra 7 Crown Chakra (top of the head, slightly back) Beauty, Creativity and Inspiration. Characteristics of personality: Inspired leaders, friendly and sincere, humane, self-sacrificing, with insight, creative and mentally strong.   

Violet stands for self-knowledge and spiritual awareness. For the union with your higher self, with the spiritual world and the higher mind. Unhealthy may be associated with an imbalance of energy in this chakra - too much or too little.

The violet energy connects us with our spiritual core, creating wisdom and inner forces. This energy purifies our thoughts and feelings, and gives us inspiration in everything we undertake. Positive aspects: respect for all life, self-sacrifice in service to others, idealism, clear view of the way you should go in favor of the higher self. Un-balanced aspects: ignoring the concerns and feelings of others and less contact with reality.

100% Cashmere Blend Dimensions: 200cm x 70cm  

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