Flowering Blooming Tea Bulbs - 5 mixed - Certified Organic


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Become entranced with this combination of Organic Flowering Teas. Perfect for any occasion, each tea bud consists of Silver Needle White Tea carefully wrapped around dried flowers. The tea slowly unfurls to reveal the beauty of the flowers within. Give someone a flower worth remembering or simply use them to enthral guests at your next dinner party.

These beautiful blooming teas will leave a lasting impression and make a perfect gift

Mixed canister of 5 flowering tea bulbs, as below:-

Unity (x2):

This dramatic flowering tea unfurls to reveal beautifully arranged flowers that reminds us of the unity of nature. The Jasmine Flower and Dendranthema Morifolium flowers are parcelled within the carefully folded Silver Needle White Tea. When steeped the flowers emerge to create a breathtaking display. The perfect gift for anyone, this flowering tea will encourage a sense awe at the sheer beauty of nature.


This single flowering bulb captures and celebrates the essence of life. The Silver Needle White Tea folds itself around the flowers, slowly unfurling to display their refined beauty. The Lily and Jasmine flowers hidden within, emerge as a centrepiece that will delight your guests. The perfect gift for tea lovers, this blooming flower is a sight to be remembered long after the last cup has been enjoyed.


This flowering tea encapsulates the beauty of love. The Silver Needle White Tea folds itself around the flowers, slowly unfurling to display the intertwined flowers . When steeped the Jasmine, Lily and Gomphrena Globosaflowers emerge  and embrace. The flowers connect to form a centrepiece that truly captures the imagination. The perfect gift for anyone, this blooming tea is a symbolic way to give someone a flower that truly says you love them.


Awaken your senses with this flowering bulb. The Dendranthema Morifolium flower is folded carefully inside the Silver White Tea Needles. They open out like a blooming flower to reveal the startling yellow colour within. This creates a display that is both uplifting and enlivening. Like the rising sun this flowering tea is sure to create a sense of new beginnings that will inspire and awaken your creative spirit.

Directions for use 
•    Fill the Glass Teapot with off the boil water. 
•    Drop the Flowering Tea Bud into the water. 
•    Marvel as the tea bud blossom. 
•    Leave to infuse for 5-7 min. 

Unity (x2): White Tea (Silver Needle), Rose Bud; Jasmine Flower; 
Sunrise: White Tea (Silver Needle), Calendula Flower; 
Celebration/Embrace: White Tea (Silver Needle), Jasmine Flower

This Organic Flowering Tea Buds are unique, as the manufacturer's source Certified Organic European Flowers which are then tied into the white needle tea to create their flowering tea buds.

They do not use Asian Flowers due to the pesticide residues found in them. 

Certified Organic - GMO Free - Pesticide Free

Organic Certification: IE-ORG-03 Licence N.548  


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