Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Veggie Capsules - 60 Capsules - 500mg


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Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Veggie Capsules 60

Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil Products | Become a Healthier You at The Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga

Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil (Nigella Savita), containing 100% pure Black Seed Oil is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and naturally occurring constituents that make it a unique supplement to support a healthy immune system.

Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil (Nigella Savita) is carefully harvested and extracted with a cold-press method in order to ensure the oil is of the highest standards.

  • 15 Amino Acids including 8 of the 9 essential ones
  • Vitamin B1, B2 and B3
  • Essential Fatty Acids, 58% Omega 6 and 3
  • Minerals- such as calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, vitamin A, magnesium, zinc and selenium.
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Supports and maintains healthy skin
  • Is a premier source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins
  • Contains active constituents Nigellone and Thymoquinone;
  • Australian made and owned.

100% Pure Black Seed Oil (Nigella Savita)
Each capsule contains 500 mg of Black Seed oil.
Gluten FREE

Dairy FREE

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Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil is not recommended to be used during pregnancy. Use only as directed & please consult your healthcare advisor if you have any doubts.

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