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Main Reasons why you should choose to buy a Mary Staggs Detox Ionic Foot Spa the BEST SELLING and most TRUSTED Ionic Detox Foot Spa WORLDWIDE

Dr. Mary Staggs is the founder and worldwide leader of Bio Energy technologies and with several years of clinical research, refinements and experience spanning over 20 years, we can proudly say that the Mary Staggs Detox is the most efficient, trusted and proven Bio-Energy product available worldwide today.   

We believe that regular use of our system will show remarkable results and continue to do so everyday.

The NEW improved re-calibrated "Control Pod" now offers you a better treatment option utilising a NEW unrivalled German Technology

Unlike other systems for sale here in Australia the Mary Staggs Detox System

CAN BE USED on infants from 6 months
CAN BE USED if you suffer from Type 1 Diabetes
CAN BE USED if you are undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy
CAN BE USED with metals pins or staples 

The above are all contra-indications for other systems on the market.

Our Contra-Indications are:-

CANNOT BE USED on persons fitted with a Pacemaker or battery implant
CANNOT BE USED if you suffer from epilepsy or seizures
CANNOT BE USED if you have had an Organ Transplant
CANNOT BE USED if you are pregnant
CANNOT BE USED if you are Haemophilia

The Mary Staggs Detox System utilises a split level system where the 'control pod' is not an integral part of the foot basin and can be separated maintenance or cleaning.

our NEW System is supplied with: 

MSD Control POD with NEW improved re-calibrated programming for a better treatment option
MSD Foot Basin

MSD Arrays/Energisers (2) - each will last approx. 30-40 uses
Himalayan Crystal Salt 
Bio-degradable Array Cleaning Solution (2) - 250 ml Concentrated
Australian Electrically Approved Power Supply - offering Australia  C-Tick, EMC, LVR & Electrical Safety Approvals (see NOTE below)
Instructional Handbook - sent via email in PDF Format
❉24 Months Manufactures Warranty 
Full after sales support. 

❉ PLEASE Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of this item as it is a Special Order Product, if you are not prepared to wait DO NOT Order!

NOTE Systems purchased from overseas companies are not legal for supply or use in Australia, they DO NOT have the above electrical safety approvals for the legal supply of electrical goods in Australia.

OUR System meets ALL Electrical Safety Certifications for use and supply within  Australia including PRODUCT Liability Insurance.

If you have any questions regarding the Mary Staggs Ionic Foot Spa System you are welcome to call us on 02 6971 8868 who will answer any questions you may have....

Mary Staggs Detox - HOW it works the TRUTH