Lisa Parker Magical Spell Candle Jars - Scented


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Lisa Parker Spell Scented Candles - Empowerment, Invoking, Love, Protection, Prosperity, Luck

Beautiful  Scented Spell Candles that feature illustrations and spells from renowned fantasy artist, Lisa Parker.

Each candle has been blended with an essential scent to assist with spell work and comes packaged in a glass jar displaying an illustration on the front and the appropriate incantation on the back.  

There are 6 different candles in the Spell Range...

Each Jar measures 9 cm high (including lid) and are 6 cm in diameter.They come tied with a lovely black satin ribbon and Lisa Parker tag.

Free will remains with us tonight, let my true love and I unite.’
A red candle scented with rose and featuring the “Moonstruck” illustration.

I call upon the power of three, let spirits arise and appear to me.
A black candle scented with vanilla and featuring the “His Masters Voice” illustration.

Protection: ‘With cleansing smoke fill this space, make this my sacred space.
A green candle scented with lavender and featuring the “Wolf Song” illustration.

Prosperity: ‘May riches come without delay, harming none in it’s way.’
A yellow candle scented with jasmine and featuring the “Bewitched” illustration.

Luck: ‘Good Luck And Fortune Come To Me, As I will it, So mote it be.
A blue candle scented with sandalwood and featuring the “Moon Gazer” illustration.

Empowerment: With power and strength for all to see, I shine and others notice me.’
An orange candle scented with patchouli and featuring the “Witching Hour” illustration.

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