Ultrasonic Wood Grain Aroma Mist Diffuser


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The ultrasonic method of vaporising essential oils or blends ensures they retain their therapeutic properties and qualities.

The fine mist produced by the Aromamatic diffuser disperses tiny molecules of pure essential oils or blends into the atmosphere. Your surfaces will remain dry and free from oil residue.

Comes in a stylish light or dark wood grain finish.


  • Suitable for pure essential oils or essential oil blends
  • Disperses only a cool mist vapour
  • Timer mist function - 60mins, 120mins, 180min
  • Continuous mist function of approx 10 hours 
  • Automatic shutoff at low water level
  • Multi LED or single LED lighting mode
  • Independent light or mist operation
  • Offers humidifier characteristics
  • No oily hot water or naked flame
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Measuring cup included
  • Instruction manual included
  • One year guarantee
  • Eco-friendly and BPA free

Box contents:

  • User manual
  • Diffuser unit base
  • Diffuser cover
  • Power supply
  • Measuring jug


  • Dimensions: 16 cm W x 17.5 cm H
  • Weight: 400 gms + Adaptor
  • Tank capacity: 300 ml

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