Crystals for Pisces 19th February - 18th March

  • PISCES: Feb 19th - Mar 18th 
  • SYMBOL: Fish
  • PLANET: Neptune
  • ELEMENT: Water
which crystals are suitable for Pisces Energy ?


Pisces is a sensitive sign, which needs a protection crystal. Amethyst provides spiritual protection. Generally speaking, all water energy signs can benefit from using Amethyst.
Amethyst is the perfect stone for any spiritual seekers, as it is the stone of spiritual awakening and spiritual growth. It purifies and protects by placing a shield around the physical body and the energy field. It is said that it enhances mental acuity and focus.
The most common use of Amethyst is for the purpose of increasing one’s intuition and psychic abilities, along with enhancing one’s connection with their Higher Self, their Spirit-Guides and the Angelic Realms. It offers psychic, mental, negative and self protection and balances the nervous system and both hemispheres of the brain.
Amethyst is the perfect stone for anyone whom is just now venturing off down the path of their spiritual journey. However, it is recommended for anyone, as it metaphysical and healing properties are beneficial to all.

Aquamarine enhances the connection with Higher Self.
Aquamarine, evokes the sea in both its name and its color and embody energetically healing properties. It aligns all of the chakras and enhances the aura. The energy emitting from this stone is very soft and feminine, which enhances our intuitive knowing. Use this stone to open up to spiritual energies and increase your awareness.
Aquamarine is an excellent stone for public speakers and teachers, as it helps one overcome the fear of speaking. For artist, it aids creation from the heart.

Use Bloodstone to balance that emotional side. If you find you're becoming overwhelmed or too emotional, Bloodstone will tone it down. It is a stone that mixed emotion and grounding earth energy. Some legends say Blodstone contains the blood of Christ as it dropped to the earth; it is a combination of a very emotional time in Christianity that is grounded in the Earth.

Stabilizing and calming, Blue Lace Agate is perfect for use during the time of Pisces, when emotions are high. Use it to help communicate with yourself and others as you reflect on the past year and look toward the future.

Fluorite absorbs and neutralizes negative vibrations. It clears the fog of illusion and brings order to chaos to manifest purification and harmony.  It strengthens the  analytical mind to enhance concentration. Fluorite is best used to access the universal energies, which activate all that is good for the whole body. Helps to assist one into reaching the ultimate state of physical perfection. 

Jade is the stone of spiritual wealth. It is best known for it’s vibration of attracting financial stability and opening up the Heart Charka to love.  Jade is said to encourage self-realization and help us to recognize ourselves as spiritual beings. Helps bring healing, prosperity and serenity into life.

Labradorite is probably the best stone for water signs. During this time of high, emotional and creative energy, your aura needs protection. 
Labradorite aligns the physical body with the higher energies.
Labradorite is known for its vibration to illuminate the path of one’s spiritual destiny. It cleanses and realigns all the energy centers within the body, which will help one to develop the proper psychic abilities to best suit them during their spiritual journey.
Labradorite is known to give energy to the person holding or wearing it.
Labradorite lifts insecurities about life by providing one with the strength to see the true worth of their purpose. It’s vibration also holds a broad level of protection to guard from negativity.
Have stone in-hand during meditation to feel your vibration raise and blend with the energy of Labradorite

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of intuition and communication. Use it at this time to harness your creative, artistic powers and communicate these to the world.

Lapis Lazuli resonates with the vibrational energy of truth and enlightenment. It is said to impart ancient knowledge and wisdom. Best used for it’s magical and medicinal properties, along with it’s ability as a psychic facilitator.
Lapis Lazuli is known to hold the soul of the deity, “Isis”. One must raise the vibration of their own to match the vibration of this stone. This is one of the most powerful stones and should be used with utmost caution. Use only with love in the heart, comprehension in the mind and wisdom in soul.

Meditation with Turquoise can lead to healing and release from the past year as you move into the spring season.