Spheres and Eggs

Crystal Eggs are symbol of  fertility, love, creativity, good luck, abundance and happiness to families and releases or emits healing powers slowly in our life.

Crystal Healing Spheres helps to calm and neutralise many negative emotions, helping to put your mind at ease so you can focus on the positives in your life.  

Our collection changes from day to day depending on what we have in stock, and what arrives in-store, we do try and keep all pieces up to date on our website

You have the option to buy online or visit us in-store.

If you purchase online please be aware that our crystals and gemstones carvings are a natural item and as such their colour/design may vary from the images on our website. Please be assured that our carvings are genuine from a reliable supplier and we are sure you will be pleased with your purchase.

If you are looking for anything in particular you are welcome to contact us and we shall see what we can offer.