Crystal Soy Candle Collection



Discover the Healing Properties of Crystal Healing Soy Candles

With 11 Candles in the range, each candle contains a "Tumbled Stone Crystal or Gemstone" hidden within the Soy Wax Blend and will appear whilst burning.

Crystal Soy Candle Collection–

Medium Candle
Glass size 7.4 wide at the top x 8.7 cm height 6.9 cm wide at the base width
Burn Time approx 33 hours

Limited Edition Large Candle
Glass size- 8.5 cm wide at the top x 10 cm high 8.1 base width
Burn Time approx 48 hours

Note – All fragrance oils due to their raw materials may cause some discolouration within the wax

100% soy wax, hand-poured and hand-dyed candles therefore colours may vary slightly from batch to batch 

Crystal Candles may also contain essential oils.

Crystals/Gemstone are tumbled and will appear whilst burning, once it appears you can remove. We suggest you remove with tweezers or a fork and then you can simply wipe away the excess soy wax, this crystal is ready to use and programmed with the energy of the candle.

WARNING: keep away from children and pets. Burn on heat safe surfaces, away from any flammable objects. Keep within site while burning – NEVER leave a candle unattended. Keep wax pool free of debris. 

Use at your own risk.

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