Little Buddha Figurines and Gifts

For centuries, Buddha has shown us the path to enlightenment, an ideal state of awareness and understanding; to strive to create peace within oneself, and in turn, share that peace with the world around us. 

Little Buddha™ helps us on our journey through life, to illuminate a cloudy day and to still and calm the ocean tides that can sometimes sweep us away; guiding us as we find our way to the happiness, contentment, kindness and wisdom that we all seek.
Little Buddha™ is a beautiful and gentle reminder that the smallest change can often help to open our minds and hearts to greater understanding and insight, expressed through unconditional joy, compassion, mindfulness and love.

Resonate in everything positive and inspirational with the Little Buddha Figurine collection.

Have Little Buddha™ sit in your home or office and always be reminded by all the positivity and wisdom that he conveys. Each Figurine comes with a matte laminated collector’s card that has an inspirational quote inside.    

Collect the series as each new release becomes available and inspire yourself and others.