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Aroma Jewellery
the newest way to personally diffuse your Essential Oils anywhere, anytime

At Become a Healthier You } The Holistic Shop we love all things Aromatic which includes Essential Oils, until now the most beneficial way to attain the benefits of your Essential Oil is either Topically or Diffusing via the many different Candle or Electric Vaporiser's in your home or work. When you use the Essential Oils topically we found that the fragrance (and therefore benefits) would wear off after only a few hours and taking your Diffuser with you when you are out and about is out of the question.

After months of research we came across the idea of Aroma Jewellery Lockets which allows you to take the benefits of your essential oils with anywhere, anytime. The concept of Aromatherapy (Aroma) Jewellery is that you put your favourite Essential Oil on our Eco Friendly Bamboo/Hemp Aroma Pad which is then inserted into the Aroma Locket which seals with a small magnet closure. The Essential oil effectively diffuses through the ventilation holes on the locket via our ECO friendly Bamboo/Hemp Aroma Pads that can then last up to 7 days.

We so thrilled  to be able to share with you our collection of Aroma Jewellery, offering you the combination of Essential Oils and simply gorgeous Jewellery.  

All of our superior quality Aromatherapy Diffuser Lockets made from 316L Hypo-allergenic and Tarnish Resistant Surgical Grade Stainless Steel which are safe for you to use and environmentally friendly, it also means if you suffered from skin sensitivity in the past when using Essentials Oils this will no longer be a problem.

The feedback we have received from our regular customers in-store has been wonderful and many of our regular customers are now using our Aromatherapy Lockets as a means to diffuse their Essential Oils.

We now also offer both afterPay and zipPay Online and In-store