Are Electro Sensitivity (ELF-EMFs) reaping havoc with your Health ?

Electro Sensitivity  (ELF-EMF) - Why you should consider getting a Hair Screen Analysis

Continuing our research all round the world we are gradually uncovering the detrimental effects that Electro Sensitivity has on many parts of the cellular system including the all-important gastrointestinal tract.

These Electro-magnetic Frequency effects are cumulative and play an increasing role in our susceptibility to the EMF bombardments, Wi-Fi and radiation from the many sources in today’s modern environment. Scientists have shown that extremely low frequency and electro-magnetic fields (ELF-EMF) have the ability to produce a variety of behavioural and physiological changes.

The stomach and its gastrointestinal tract is one of the most sensitive parts of the neuroendocrine organ. The gastrointestinal tract is crucial for the body’s initiation of a full stress response against harmful impacts. Thus, the purpose of a study was to examine whether ELF-EMF stimuli induce changes in the activity of neuroendocrine cells, considering their involvement in endocrine or paracrine effect on surrounding cells.

The exposure to ELF-EMF for durations of 24 hours at 60 Hz frequency, 0.1 mT intensity altered the distribution and occurrence of gastrin, ghrelin and somatostatin-positive endocrine cells in the stomach.

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Please consider the FREQUENCY INTERFERENCE pages in the Cell Wellbeing reports with this in mind.

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Practical Advice

•Increase your consumption of probiotics and fresh vegetables, including green apples.
•Keep all technology devices away from your bedroom, never charge the phone, laptop, tablet etc, near you while you are sleeping
•Never carry your phone in a pocket, especially if the pocket is close to body organs ie, Heart, Groin etc.
•Never use your laptop/tablet when placed on your lap.
•Try to always use the speaker on your mobile phone (phone manufacturers advise keeping the phone 8 cms from your head!!)
•It is thought that buildings with roofs being used for large relay masts and aerials are not suitable for long term occupation.
•If you must use earphones with your phone, use the air tube variety rather than direct wired ear phones.
•Try to use a timer, to switch off the homes Wi Fi router during your hours of sleep.
•Try to avoid installing smart meters in your home.
•Avoid using microwave ovens near you and reduce the consumption of micro waved food.
Spend more time in forests or on the beach, as this helps to discharge electro sensitivity.

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