Chakra and New Age Jewellery

Through the seven major chakra centres of our bodies we transmit and receive physical emotional and spiritual energy. Naturally we want all of our jewellery to look fantastic, but we hope that it pleases more than your aesthetic taste. Each piece of Chakra Jewellery provides you with a basis on which to create your own personalised talisman of positive energy, support and well-being. The result is handcrafted jewellery that is more than just simply gorgeous. This Fashion Jewellery is completely unique each piece is produced entirely by hand, ensuring the quality we strive for.

Each artwork is created using a variety of paints, dyes, inks, and techniques. Each piece of artwork is then carefully mounted onto brass that has been polished and sealed to maintain a bright finish. All the pendants come mounted on a quality adjustable cord, all the earrings are surgical steel, gold plated with zero nickel content making them non-allergic for sensitive folks. Each piece is gift boxed, mounted on a colour coordinated card, in a classic black pinstripe box. They blend and mix all their own colours which allow a very extensive selection of harmonies to suit your personal taste. In the creation process the makers aim to develop pieces of fashion jewellery that will compliment many outfits, making them extremely wearable and versatile.

The symbolism of the artwork in their jewellery speaks of many paths in life, paths that strike a personal cord and remind us of the importance of paying attention to where we focus our intent. Their jewellery is often given as gifts, to oneself or a dear friend, as an expression of encouragement or kindness.

NOTE. Pendants and Earrings are sold separately the images on our website are for illustration purposes ONLY.

Our Chakra, New Age, Feng Shui and Spiritual Jewellery are all individually handmade by Canadian Artist Dye Devereux.

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