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Korean Sap Detox Foot Patches BAMBOO - Box of 10 - Superior Quality

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Bamboo Spa which is an extract from bamboo, absorbs toxins and unnecessary waste matters in the body and promotes improved health and renewed well being by emitting a large quantity of far infrared rays and negative ions, thereby assisting the body’s recovery from fatigue,  pacification of mind and body and promote the natural detoxification process of the body.

Bamboo vinegar, Tourmaline, Chitosan, Pearl stone, Highly purified silica, Polyolic alcohol, Starch and Mugwort extract

Type : 10 Patches   
Sap Patch : 60 mm x 90 mm, 4 g
Adhesive : 95 mm x 132 mm

Bamboo Sap Detox Foot Patches also contain mushroom and chitosan products and therefore they should be avoided by anyone that is allergic to seafood or mushrooms that

If you are suffering from any serious health concerns that you always seek medical advice from an ethical health practitioner.

Bamboo Sap Detox Patches should not be used when you are pregnant or on children younger then 10 years of age