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Cage Design Lava Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace - 16mm Lava Stone included - Gift Idea

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Essential Oil Lava Cage  Diffuser Locket - 2 colours

The cage style lava  locket are extremely popular, here at The Holistic Shop we offer a slide action Locket which are Lead, Nickel and Cadmium FREE complete with 316L stainless steel chain so that you can wear your oils with safety and quaility in mind.

Simply take the chain off the cage locket, open, remove the lava stone to add the oil or blend of your choice let is sit for about 15 minutes replace lava stone back into the cage close and enjoy! 

Lava Stone -  Strength | Courage | Calming | Stress Relief | Grounding

Lava beads begin their journey to your jewelry as molten rock beneath an active volcano. At over 1,000 degrees Celsius the molten rock begins to melt and finally erupts out of the volcano. Once the lava meets the cooler air it solidifies and becomes this beautiful piece of jewelry. 


  • Diffusing Method: Lava Stone 16 mm within the Cage Locket
    PLEASE NOTE Lava Stones are in variety of colours not just as black in the image, we shall supply a Lava Stone as a Random Colour it may not be black
  • Available in Silver Tone of a Gold Tone (not a yellow Gold) more a light Rose Gold 
  • Cage Locket: Slide action which is Lead, Nickel and Cadmium FREE
  • Chain Metal: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Chain Length: 60 cm 


    1. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the porous lava rock inside the necklace.
    2. The aroma will stay on the stones for 2-6 days.
    3. You may add more aroma anytime you want for topical and aromatic benefits.