Perfect Potion

Perfect Potion Ethos

Perfect Potion harmonises social and environmental concerns with the aesthetic appreciation and healing benefits of aromatherapy. While the sun powers our manufacturing facility we are proudly Australian owned and made with strict organic, natural and cruelty free certifications.

We offer in-store and online the following Perfect Potion Chakra Range:

- 7 Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Blend
- 7 Chakra Balancing Spray Mist
- 7 Chakra Balancing Massage Oil
- 7 Chakra Balancing Bath Soak
- 7 Chakra Herbal Tea
- 7 Chakra Essential Oils Gift Set
- emGoddess Essential Oil Gift Set


Crystals and Gemstones

According to Patricia Davis, crystals will enhance the action of the essential oils that you are using. The quartz crystals and gemstones can be used for the purpose of healing, energising and gaining access to higher dimensions of consciousness. Davis says that crystals will enhance essential oils by amplifying the aroma. She says that just one drop of an essential oil on a crystal will perfume the entire room. Coloured crystals and gemstones are attuned to a narrower range of vibrations that corresponds to their colour. They can be used to influence chakra energy and are selected according to their colour correspondence with the chakra. Clear quartz crystal can be used with any chakra blend and can resonate with any of the chakras. You may simply carry the gemstone or crystal with you or the appropriate crystal can be placed around the chakra as a way of balancing the chakra.

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