Valentine's Day Collection - Amethyst - Rose Quartz

Valentine's Day Collection

We also offer a wide variety of Amethyst and Rose Quartz Products - the stone of unconditional LOVE perfect for Valentine's Day....

  • Stone of unconditional love
  • Encourages self forgiveness, acceptance, self worth and helps love you to love yourself
  • Helps strengthen the heart and heal emotional pain
  • Gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes
  • Aids in releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache
  • Strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system
  • Said to assist in bringing in love and relationships into your life

  • Meaning of Rose Quartz: What is Rose Quartz used for?

    Rose Quartz is extremely famous for its healing properties.

    The stone is reputed to help the wearer attract love and keep it. Judy Hall, author of the crystal book titled 'The Crystal Bible', says 'Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. The is the most important crystal for the heart and the Heart Chakra.'

    It also seems to be quite effective in protecting the wearer from pain and disappointment. In short, it seems to have a strong effect on emotional health and well-being.

    The top 3 Rose Quartz benefits for love, health and more

    Here are the top three benefits of the wonderful Rose Quartz rock crystal stone.

    1. Self-love

    Although most people do use rose quartz to attract a mate, the stone is useful for increasing self-awareness.

    It can help you understand your true self and love yourself irrespective of the situation you are in.

    Self-awareness and acceptance are two of the most beautiful healing powers of rose quartz. It's also an excellent stone for people who find it difficult to accept love from another as they feel unworthy.

    2. Heart Chakra

    Rose quartz has a very strong effect on the heart. It can open up your mind to love and soothes negative influences immediately.

    The best way to use the stone is by sprinkling your home with rose quartz chunks or carved rose quartz pieces.

    Most people use natural Rose Quartz Rough Crystal Stones and place them around their garden outside. The natural stones are perfect for the outdoors.

    The stone can also be used by a person on themselves as well as on other people as a healing stone.

    Another option is to meditate with the stone held in your hand. Meditation with rose quartz is a very pleasant experience. The lines of your hand can connect with the stone's energy and clear out your Heart Chakra.

    3. Health

    Physiologically, the rose quartz stone is considered a powerful healing stone.

    It has been suggested it can improve circulation, boost neuron connectivity, and even accelerate healing. But never use any crystal to replace the advice of a qualified doctor.

    As it works on the heart, some people suggest it can help set your intention to focus more on your heart.

    The idea here is to use the Rose Quartz as a prompt to be grateful and think about the amazing body you have and how your heart can pump blood all around your body.

    We also offer a wide variety of Amethyst Products - the stone of faithful lovers perfect for Valentine's Day....

    Amethyst- the stone of spiritual growth

    Amethyst - marked as the stone for the month of February. Amethyst is the stone of Saint Valentine. It is the stone for faithful lovers because as legend goes, St. Valentine was known to wear a ring with an Amethyst which also had the engraving of Cupid on it.

    is the perfect stone for any spiritual seekers, as it is the stone of spiritual awakening and spiritual growth. It purifies and protects by placing a shield around the physical body and the energy field. It is said that it enhances mental acuity and focus.

    The most common use of Amethyst is for the purpose of increasing one’s intuition and psychic abilities, along with enhancing one’s connection with their Higher Self, their Spirit-Guides and the Angelic Realms. It offers psychic, mental, negative and self protection and balances the nervous system and both hemispheres of the brain.

    Amethyst is the perfect stone for anyone whom is just now venturing off down the path of their spiritual journey. However, it is recommended for anyone, as it metaphysical and healing properties are beneficial to all.