The Crystal Shop

The Crystal Shop - The Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga - Locatedat 46 Fitzmaurice Street

Crystals and Tumbled Stones 
natural stones and gifts bring harmony and balance into your life.

Crystal healing has been used for thousands of years by ancient civilisations. The exact use of such stones can be traced back a couple of thousand years. Originally used by Mesopotamians or Egyptians as a way of adornment, they later discovered their healing properties.

However, the use of these stones for their healing properties found their roots in China. According to ancient Chinese practices and culture, the crystal stones draw their healing properties from life-energy. According to Chinese medicine, life energy or chi, is where healing stones get their power.

This is what most people refer to as stone energy.

Tumbled Stones

All our Tumble Stones will posted in an individual Organza Drawstring Bag with a description card.

Tumble Stones are excellent to carry for their vibrational effect and healing qualities, or to use in crystal healing. The beneficial effects of these Crystals may also be enjoyed by placing them in your environment.

For example:-
around electrical appliances, in a vase, grouped or scattered on a coffee table or your desk. You can also carry them with you by hanging the small bag on your person, in your handbag or in your pocket. 

We offer a wide range of Tumble Stones for crystal/gemstone collectors and crystal healers alike.

Tumble stone sizes generally range from 1 - 3 cm, when you order we shall personally pick your stones from our collection.

We also offer a range of Rough Crystals, Points, Clusters, Carvings, Gemstone Trees and Handcrafted Healing Crystal and Gemstone Bracelets by CALA Designs.

When you receive your crystals or gemstone products you should first cleanse them, there are several ways to do this by Smudging, Sunlight and Moonlight. 

FREE local delivery in Wagga Wagga, pick up also available on request.