Black Jade Tumbled Stone - Guardian Stone - Crystal Healing


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Black jade is a powerful black gemstone for energetic protection and grounding. 

Black jade is known as a guardian stone, acting as an energetic protection against negative energies as well as intrusion by psychic entities. It will protect you from people who sap energy and projections of negative emotions such as fear, anger, or bitterness. It also provides protection from physical harm and helps to keep us grounded.

Black jade is stabilising for the mind and body, balancing our personality and encouraging the flow of ideas to allow us to take action more easily. It helps us to embrace our ideals and desires, empowering our ambitions and allowing us to turn thought into physical reality. It provides confidence, self-reliance and self-assuredness, and, similarly to Bloodstone encourages independent living despite our physical limitations.

Jade was used by several ancient civilisations such as the Chinese, Mayan, and Aztec civilisations, and was revered for its powerful metaphysical properties. It was used in ancient cultures as a “dream stone”, allowing users to more easily access the spiritual world, dream-solve, encourage creativity, and deepen their knowledge of rituals.

Its a good idea to carry small Black Jade with you where ever you go to help protect your spiritual energy and ward of illness and negativity. You can carry it either as as pendant or simply in your pocket.

Placing Black jade crystals in your home or in the workplace can be helpful in dealing with people who are hungry for power or have controlling personalities and ward off people with negative intentions.

You can place  Black Jade Stone on your forehead before going to sleep to receive insightful dreams that are helpful in releasing negative emotions. trauma and to help protect your spiritual energy and to ward of illness and negativity.

It was also used for protection in the form of a talisman, ensuring a long life and peaceful death, and was considered a powerful healing stone. Jade is a symbol of good luck, friendship and wisdom, and dispels negative energy to encourage you to see yourself for who you truly are.

Chakra Root 

1 x Black Jade Tumbled Stone with Organza Pouch
Size: 12~30.5mm wide ~ 16~36mm long ~  3.5~25mm

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