Ceramic Smudge Bowl - Celtic Pagan Pentacle

Ceramic Smudge Bowl - Celtic Pagan Pentacle

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This adorable pot is handcrafted in ceramic with colourful Celtic Pagan Pentacle stylish art around the top of the pot it also incorporates a small well in the centre to hold your smudge stick. We are sure that you will appreciate the style, art, size and convenience of our wonderful Celtic Pagan Pentacle design Smudge Pot. 

The pentacle is a symbol of protection. Most religions on Earth attributes special powers to number 5, which represents the human body, 5 senses, 5 elements, 5 pillars etc. There are also 5 virtues, Love, Wisdom, Truth, Kindness, Justice. It is in the efforts that we make to manifest these 5 virtues that the Divine protection usually attributed to the pentacle becomes effective 

Not only is this pot perfect for catching the ash during a smudging session it is also an excellent candle holder for pillar candles, votive candles and even tea lights

Makes an excellent gift

Measuring approximately 8 cm tall by 9 cm at its widest and because this is handcrafted please allow for slight imperfections

Colour:  Black with colouful pagan pentacle design