Chakra Healing Stones with Mini Selenite Wand - Tumbled Stones (Medium) - Velvet Pouch - Gift idea

Chakra Healing Stones with Mini Selenite Wand - Tumbled Stones (Medium) - Velvet Pouch - Gift idea

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Set of 7 gemstones associated with the 7 Chakras, presented in a beautiful Magnetic Closure Gift Box including Mini Selenite Wand and Velvet pouch

Amplify the healing power of crystals in your home with our range of crystals, gemstones and gift sets

A fantastic gift for crystal collectors or those in need of positive energy healing.

The word hakra literally translates as wheel or disk and refers to spinning spheres of bio-energectic activity.

It is believed that six of these wheels are stacked in a column of energy that spans from the base of the spine to the middle of the forehead, with the seventh Chakra just above the head. It is the six major Chakra's that correlate with the basic states of consciousness. The seventh Chakra is our connection to the spiritual world.

1st Chakra: ROOT - Red Jasper - Black/Red
Located at the base of the spine. Governs Stability, as well as the relationship between money, home, and occupation.

2nd Chakra: SACRAL - Carnelian  - Orange/Blue-Green
Located beneath the naval. Relates to sexuality and reproduction. Governs perceptions concerning food and sex.

3rd Chakra: SOLAR PLEXUS - Yellow Aventurine - Yellow
Located behind the solar plexus. It gives a sense of power and accomplishment. Governs ego and freedom.

4th Chakra: HEART - Green Aventurine - Pink/Green
Located in the heart area. It gives the ability to express compassion and governs relationships as well as love.

5th Chakra: THROAT - Turquentine - Sky Blue
Located in the throat area. It is directly related to speech and communication, and is a conduit for truth.

6th Chakra: THIRD EYE - Sodalite - Indigo Blue
Located between the eyebrows. It governs inner sight, vision, dreams, and the ability to learn from past experiences.

7th Chakra: CROWN - Amethyst - Violet/Golden White
Located just above the head. Related to one's spiritualism, wisdom, and connection with the universe.

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