Chakra Pashmina (Orange) Sacral - Scarf - Shawl - Cashmere Blend

Chakra Pashmina (Orange) Sacral - Scarf  - Shawl - Cashmere Blend

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CHAKRA BALANCING Pashmina ORANGE Chakra 2 (sacrum) Happiness and Confidence Positive aspects of personality: Enthusiastic, cheerful, sociable, energetic, athletic, confident and positive attitude.

Orange is the color of success and has to do with self-esteem, all can be ourselves, and can help expand our interests and occupations. Brings joy to our work and we get more sense to live! Orange is best for emotional stimulant. The colour brings us into contact with the senses and makes us more independent and at the same time social. Un-balanced aspects: withdrawn by rowing and windows, melancholy and heavily dependent

100% Cashmere Blend Dimensions: 200cm x 70cm