Ionic Detox Foot Bath Array/Energiser - Cleaning Solution 250ml - Powder - Concentrated


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Array/Energizer Cleaning Solution 250 ml (concentrated) or Powder Format for use with any of our Detox Arrays

Our Bio-degradable Fluid for cleaning your Ionic Detox Foot Bath Arrays is prepared in a 250 ml bottle which will then make up to 600 ml of active solution.

The Powder Format can be mixed to make up to 600 ml of active solution     

NOTE Please ensure that once you make up your Cleaning Solution that you keep it in a container that has a tight fitting lid 

PLEASE be advised that we DO NOT sell the Cleaning Solution or Powder on their own, it can ONLY be purchased in conjunction with an Array. Any orders received for this products on their own will be cancelled or you have the option still to purchase an Array Thank You