Ear Candles Natural - Pack of 10 - 5 Pairs - Naturhelix Australia

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Natural Beeswax Ear Candles

The Naturhelix ear candles are hollow, cone-shaped devices made from coton linen dripped into wax mixture. Our candles are handmade and organic beeswax. According to therapists the actual handwork and the helix shape strengthen the candle's beneficial bioenergetic effect.   

Gauze filter

Every Naturhelix ear candle is supplied with a multi-layered gauze filter. This filter at the bottom of the candle makes the treatment more pleasant, because the filter offers more comfortable and softer sensation in the ear than the hard bottom of the ear candle. In the same time it completely protects the ear and the skin of the receiver.  

Protective disc

All Naturhelix ear candle packs contain a protective disc which prevents ash falling and excessive heat being generated onto the skin of the receiver or assistant.

Each Ear Candle is 23cm in length and have a burning time of approx 10-12 minutes.