Unakite Elephant Carving Medium 60mm - Balance, Release and Detoxification - Crystal Healing


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DETOXING cleanses and detoxifies the body and helps eliminate bad habits such as overeating. Balances emotional self with the spiritual and mental self.

Unakite is a stone of vision.  It balances emotions with spirituality.  

Unakite provides grounding when needed.  It facilitates re-birthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth.

Unakite supports convalescence and recovery from major illness.  It treats the reproductive system and stimulates healthy pregnancies while facilitating the health of the unborn.  

Unakite enhances weight gain, where required and aids the growth of skin tissue and hair.

Unakite Elephant Dimensions
Size: about 34~40mm wide, 50~60mm long, 30mm high.

More information on Unakite

♥ Balances physical emotions
♥ Grounding
♥ Balance
♥ Release
♥ Spiritual Insight
♥ Stone of Couple
♥ Detoxification
♥ Past Life Recall
♥ Emotional Healing
♥ Motivation
♥ Physical - Addictions, Alcoholism, Body Weight Management, Colds and Flu, Electromagnetic Pollution and Smog, Heart, Infertility, Menstrual Cramps and Menstruation, Reproductive Organs, Skin Infections and Irritations, Tissue Health and Healing

Affirmation:  I am here to flourish.
Typical Colours  shades of green and pink: mottled
Chakras - Heart 
Zodiac - Scorpio
Planet –  Mars and Venus
Element – Fire and Water

Whilst we always endeavour to describe and size our Crystal and Gemstone Products as accurately as we can, as Crystals and Gemstones are natural minerals each with their own beautiful and unique patterns and formations; therefore no two crystals or gemstones will ever be the same and each piece we sell is unique in composition.

Please be note: as natural objects their appearances and size may vary from the images shown on our website and they also could contain tiny fissures and pits, please bear this in mind when ordering.