Crystals for STRENGTH - Crystal Healing


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Keep Them With You and Get to Know Them

You can keep tumbled stones with you all the time, tucked in your pocket or worn as jewellery.  In this way, crystals can passively work on your emotions. 

Meditate With Them

When you have emotional pain, meditation can feel like torture as your mind circles around and around what caused the pain. However, meditation is an amazing tool to help you calmly reflect on your pain and process your emotions.
When we can meditate with crystals for emotional healing, you can channel frequencies that attract positive energy.

As you meditate, picture the crystals’ vibrations moving between your heart and mind and embracing the feelings of emotional pain. Then, let the vibrations carry that pain out of your body and provide healing.

Each Tumbled Stone is presented in an Organza Bag with information card
( Tumbled / Rough Stones are sold individually)

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