Dalmatian Jasper Double Point Necklace - Free Chain - Grounding • Healing • Protection • Determination - Crystal Healing

Dalmation-Jasper-Double-Point-Necklace-FREE-Stainless Steel Chain

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Dalmatian Jasper is also known as Dalmation Stone. This is a stone that aids you to break down barriers that you have created as protection around yourself. It may also relieve the need to take revenge on anyone who you feel has done you wrong, as its vibration helps you to release any lack of trust in other people. This allows you to move forward in life and discover your true purpose for being here. Its energy brings childlike joy and a sense of playfulness into your life. 

Double Point Necklace Dimensions

Point 30mm
Total Height 40mm
Width approx 10mm
Chain 50cm (Stainless Steel)
Colour Light Brown, Cream and Black
Can also be used as a Pendulum
Presented in Black Velvet Pouch

♥ Spiritual Grounding
♥ Positive Thinking
♥ Good Luck
♥ Happiness
♥ Stamina
♥ Root Chakra
♥ Sacral Chakra
♥ Earth Star Chakra
♥ Sexuality
♥ Fertility
♥ Serenity
♥ Wholeness
♥ Faith
♥ Devotion
♥ Stamina
♥ Mental Clarity
♥ Contemplation
♥ Determination
♥ Strength
♥ Friendship
♥ Playfulness
♥ Positivity

Chakras - Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus
Zodiac - Aries and Virgo
Birthstone: October

The vibration of DALMATIAN JASPER helps one to release any lack of trust in other people. It lessens disillusionment and helps one see their strengths and weaknesses. Its energy reminds one to open up and enjoy life and have fun in the process.

DALMATION JASPER helps to ground, center and align each of our energy bodies to obtain and keep a sense of balance

DALMATIAN JASPER brings about a “paradigm shift’, which causes a whole new way of seeing things. The spots are Black Tourmaline and Dravite, which makes it vibrate with those energies, as well.

DALMATIAN JASPER fortifies the spirit and balances the Yin & Yang energies 

DALMATIAN JASPER helps break down barriers we’ve created around ourselves

Crystals and Gemstones are unique and each beautiful in pattern, please be aware that our images are for information purposes only as natural product their appearance and colour may vary from the images shown on the website