Dendritic Tree Agate (India) Medium Tumbled Stone - Self Esteem, Clarity and Stability - Crystal Healing


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Dendritic Tree Agate Crystal Healing Properties:

Dendritic Agate assists one in perceiving the self imposed limitations and patterns that have created our experiences. It helps us to examine our behaviours and provides the stable determination to make necessary adjustments. It provides a wholesome, truthful ‘reality check’.

Dendritic Tree Agate History and Uses:

Dendritic Agate, sometimes called Tree Agate, derives its name from the Greek word meaning “tree like” which describes the patterns created by the dark inclusions of iron or manganese called dendrites. In the past it was connected with the Ancient Greek Dryads, spirits of the forest, and was buried in the fields when crops were sown to ensure a good harvest. Traditionally it had been used to support new mothers and encourage lactation.

1 Medium Tumbled Stone with Organza Pouch and information Card

  • Harmony
  • Calming
  • Removes Blockages
Affirmation: I am connected to the natural cycles of life.

Chakras: All, Heart and Crown
Element: Earth
Zodiac Sign: Gemini