Healing Crystal Grid - Sacred Geometry - Crystal Healing - Gift Idea

Healing Crystal Grid - Sacred Geometry - Crystal Healing - Gift Idea

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Flower of Life (withing a Lotus flower) Crystal Boards are generally used for Tranquility and Peace. 

The Lotus is a symbol of purity, peace, beauty, rebirth and fertility. It is considered to be of divine origin, the Lotus rising above the water is an inspiration to reach enlightenment. The "Flower of Life" comes from the sacred geometry the pattern can be found in all major religions of the world. It contains the blueprint of all creation, which is the result of the "Great Void." 

HEALING Crystal Grid has been handcrafted with the Flower of Life Symbol and carefully selected crystals and gemstones for you to create a crystal grid to heal yourself in your environment whilst promoting healing energy all around you for physical and emotional healing

Included in you Crystal Grid Kit 

Crystals - Clear Crystal Quartz (Master Healer), Green Calcite and Amethyst 
Board Size 15cm 
Instructions on how to lay out your grid and to activate it  

The ideal time set up your crystal grid is on a new moon, which represents new beginnings.