Heavy Metal Test Kit - Home Use - 8 Tests - Fulhealth Industries


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Urine, Saliva, Perspiration and even a Blood sample may be tested for Heavy Metal using the this kit.

The Heavy Metal Test Kit can also be used to determine the environmental sources of the contamination in aqueous solutions such as tap water. Since all Heavy Metal ions are water soluble, solids like food items, porcelain dishes, dust samples from carpets, wall paints and wall paper etc. can be tested for Heavy Metals after soaking them in distilled water.
In addition to being an initial analytical screening tool for urine, saliva, perspiration and blood, the test is also useful for finding the causes of contamination in the patient's environment.

Contains:- 1. 8 x individually reagent coated test tubes 2. 2 x pipettes 3. 4 x sample cups 4. 1 x 5mL Solvent 5.

Instruction Card

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