Howlite Tumbled Stone - Calming, Knowledge, Concentration and Clarity - Crystal Healing


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SAFE TRAVEL - assists in travel plans, home and abroad. Also protects home, business, property and valuables.

Howlite is called the "attunement stone," linking the user to higher spiritual consciousness, and opens and prepares the mind to receive the energies and wisdom of attunements.

Howlite has can be identified by its appearance of natural “GREY” lines. It is the stone of calmness, comfort, knowledge, memory and progress. It helps relieve an overactive mind. Some say that holding a piece of Howlite has the same effect as spending an hour at a spa.

Howlite is often used to help one to recognize the impact of their own actions and behaviors. Using Howlite can help one to remember the importance of tactfulness in dealings with others.

As a stress reducer, Howlite can be helpful in the workplace by keeping a Tumbled Howlite Stone in the pocket or purse. Keeping a piece can help to absorb anger and negative energy.

1 x Howlite Tumbled Stone with Informaion Card and Organza Bag

♥  Concentration
♥  Restful Sleep
♥  Inner-Strength
♥  Selfishness
♥  Meditation
♥  Inspiration
♥  Calmness
♥ Comfort
♥  Knowledge
♥  Progress
♥  Relaxation
♥  Patience
♥  Mental Clarity

Affirmation: I am attuned to pure, infinite energy.
Chakras - Throat, Third Eye and Crown

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