Kambaba Jasper (AFRICA) Tumbled Stone - Unconditional Love, Cleansing and Compassion - Crystal Healing

Kambaba Jasper (AFRICA) Tumbled Stone - Unconditional Love, Cleansing and Compassion - Crystal Healing

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Kambaba Jasper is a very energizing stone that activates our root and heart chakras. It helps provide much needed healing to the heart and calming of negative emotions such as guilt, trauma, grief, jealousy, anger, and sadness

Kambaba Jasper (Kambaba Jasper)
is an exotic looking jasper from Africa. It is said to mystically soothe the nerves and state of mind.

Kambaba Jasper finds the inner truth about yourself and others. It promotes compassion and unconditional love for yourself and others.

Kambaba Jasper helps dietary stabilisation, assimilation of vitamins and minerals, and cleansing the body of toxins

Rich in orbs and swirls of green and black, this stone is commonly used to aid in meditation. Known for providing peace and tranquillity,  Kambaba Jasper is said to remove blockages in the heart and base chakras to dispel worry and negativity, and allow a clear path for clarity and serenity to flow.

Kambaba Jasper is a soothing crystal which activates the heart chakra and helps us to find emotional balance. It is particularly useful for helping us to find a new sense of balance during and directly after intense situations. It can also help us to let go of any emotional/mental obsession or trauma

1 x Kambaba Jasper in an Organza Pouch with information card.

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Primary Chakras: Heart and Root
Zodiac - Cancer and Capricorn
Element: Earth
Affirmation:  I am grounded and focused on the task at hand. I complete projects. I enjoy and share the result of my creative endeavours. I am motivated to accomplish all that needs to be done. I live life with vim, vigour and vitality. My passion for living is dynamic.

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