Korean Sap Detox Foot Patches | Forest 14 Pack | 7 nights supply

Korean Sap Detox Foot Patches | Forest 14 Pack | 7 nights supply

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Healthful natural substances such as wood vinegar, Tourmaline, Chitosan, pearl stones, highly-purified silica, and starch etc. are mixed together to be powdered and be processed in Korean paper. Which ultimately make you feel refreshed and light. Basically it is to be applied on the sole of the foot, where vital spots of the whole body is concentrated, but it is possible to apply on the hand, joint, shoulders, waist, abdomen, and chest.


Forest Sap Foot Patch - Ingredients

◎ Wood vinegar
◎ Tourmaline
◎ Agaricus Mushroom
◎ Eucalyptus oil
◎ Mugwort extract
◎ Chitosan
◎ Pearl stone
◎ Highly purified silica
◎ Polyolic alcohol
◎ Starch

Are there any restrictions as to who can use the patches?

We Recommend that if you are suffering from any serious health concerns that you always seek medical advice.

Forest Sap Foot Patches should not be used when you are pregnant or on children younger then 10 years of age

Forest Sap Foot Patches also contain mushroom and chitosan products and therefore they should be avoided by anyone that is allergic to seafood or mushrooms 

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