Korean Sap Detox Foot Patches WARM - Box of 10 - Superior Quality

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Warm Sap Detox Patches are designed to display the effect to gradually heat for a long time by using internationally patented microcapsules of warming pigment which shows excellent heating effect. This product  generates far-infrared-ray, emitting anion. When this is pasted on the bottom of the foot, this heats the bottom of the foot.   

◎ Microcapsule
◎ Tourmalime
◎ Agaricus
◎ Eucalyptus oil
◎ Mugwort extract
◎ Loquat (Japanese medlar) extract
◎ Vitamin C
◎ Chitosan
◎ Starch
◎ Warming pigment 
◎ Heat-storing polysaccharide

10 Patches 

Sap Patch : 60mm x 90mm, 4g
Adhesive : 95mm x 132mm