Lunette Feelbetter Menstrual Cup Cleanser 150ml


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So as you know, your menstrual cup should be kept clean...that's exactly why Lunette came up with this liquid wash especially suited for silicone menstrual cups. It's scented with lemon and eucalyptus oil for their feel-good properties, but lightly enough that your skin won't get irritated. It's even mild enough to suit most people with allergies.

This mild liquid wash is so soothing, it is called Feelbetter Cup Wash. During your period, how nice to offer yourself some comfort while taking care of your cup at the same time!

  • Made in Finland,
  • never tested on animals,
  • suitable for vegans,
  • free of artificial colours and preservative agents,
  • its pH is a well-balanced 3.5.

The Lunette Feelbetter Liquid Wash is NOT a regular soap in a new package, but a product that is very important for your well-being. Washing the cup with regular hand soap is known to cause irritation, swelling and infections for some women. This product was researched and vigorously tested over a long period of time until just the right formula was found that is good for both you and your cup.  

Water, coconut oil, salt, citric acid, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil.

The wash is a concentrated formula so just a little drop is enough!