Magnesite (MEDIUM) White Tumbled Stone - Positivity, Emotional Calming and Grounding - Crystal Healing

Magnesite (MEDIUM) White Tumbled Stone - Positivity, Emotional Calming and Grounding - Crystal Healing

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Magnesite brings all forms of self-deceit to the surface. It brings grounding to the intellect and helps to recognise unconscious thoughts and feelings. It induces a positive attitude to life. Magnesite brings a calming effect to the emotions, promoting tolerance for emotional stress.

contains a high level of magnesium and aids its absorption in the body. It detoxifies and neutralises body odour, acts as an antispasmodic, and treats menstrual, stomach, intestinal, and vascular cramps and the pain from gallbladder and kidney stones.

Magnesite treats bone and teeth disorders and prevents epilepsy. It relieves headaches, especially migraines and slows blood clotting.

Magnesite speeds up fat metabolism and disperses cholesterol, preventing arteriosclerosis and angina. It is a useful preventative for heart disease. It balances body temperature, lessens fevers and chills.

Magnesite aids the body in releasing tension or stagnation. It is helpful for the bowels and can be used in instances of constipation. It is ideal for muscle spasms, muscle adhesion, and chronic muscular tension due to stress. It can help relieve overly sensitive skin, fascia or muscle tissue. It is a good support for the healing of fibroids and similar disorders.

Magnesite brings a deep peace when you meditate and perform relaxation exercises. If placed on the third eye chakra, this stone will aid visualisation and imagery. It opens the heart chakra and stimulates heart felt love including love for yourself, which is necessary if you wish to wholeheartedly love others. 

1 x Magnesite in an Organza Pouch with information card.

♥ Headaches and Migraines
♥ Metabolism
♥ Fevers and Chills
♥ Constipation
♥ Epilepsy
♥ Meditation

Primary Chakras: Heart, Third Eye and Crown
Zodiac - Aries
Element: Spirit
Affirmation: I I feel new ideas coming to me.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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