Maifanite Maifan Stone Puff Heart 25mm - Chinese Medicine Stone - Healing Crystal - Gift Idea


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Crystals that have been shaped into hearts increase loving energy in addition to the other characteristics of the type of crystal. A heart shaped crystal bestows love and truth to the giver and receiver. A feeling of peace and security accompanies this shape.

You may use a heart as a worry stone for your palm or meditate by holding them as they will bring peace and loving energies as the crystal type is amplified.

Maifan Stone Puff Heart 
Size: about 25 mm wide, 20 mm long, 11~13 mm thick
Presented in  Velvet Pouch

Maifan Stone is a gemstone that has meaning and properties to enhance health luck. It has been used as an amulet keeping youth since the ancient times. It is also popular as a guardian stone to maintain a healthy spirit. It will be useful when you want to continue your activity on active service.

Maifan stone (maifanite) also call medicine stone has a long history of medicinal use in Asia—its properties were discovered by Buddhist monks. Maifanite was first referred to as medicine stone by Li Shizen in the classic 52-volume compendium of Chinese medicine written during the Ming Dynasty. It has been used in food processing, agriculture, cosmetics, water purification and water remineralisation for many years. Rice and bean curd soaked with the stone has an enhanced flavor and many presumed health effects. The stone contains a balance of minerals and trace minerals, including 68% silicon dioxide (quartz) and other minerals in their oxide form. (Oxides react with water to form hydroxides which slightly raise the pH of water as minerals are released.)

Maifanite is strongly absorptive; known to remove heavy metals and other impurities from water. At the same time it releases minerals. It is an ideal stone for supporting the remineralisation of “empty” water and it carries a strong Earth resonance.

Maifan Stone has a meaning and properties to get out of the dilemma of life. It has been believed to return you to the original peaceful life. Use it when your luck is not stable. It is a gemstone that will show you the way to the ideal future.

Maifan Stone has been used for therapeutic purposes in ancient China. It is also known as a traditional Chinese medicine gemstone. From such backgrounds, it came to be called “an amulet for improving health luck”. It is still popular as a guardian stone that still keeps a strong healing ability. It is supported as an amulet for recovering from a weakened state.

Maifan Stone has a meaning and properties to discharge negative energy. It is a gemstone to enhance energy metabolism. After discharging negative energy outside, it makes the condition which positive energy easily to enter in. It is also recommended when you want to eliminate the stagnation of luck. It can be said to be a gemstone to regain a good flow.

Maifan Stone is a gemstone with brown to gray. There are unique patterns on the surface. This name was attached because it was told that “it looks like barley rice “. It is as high quality as the pattern looks beautiful.

Maifan Stone is a gemstone which is also used for washing water, etc. A lot of washing goods of aquarium are sold, too. When searching for Maifan Stone, these types of products are displayed numerous. Few types are processed into accessories, but they exist. Bracelet type is sold the most. If you want to directly experience the energy of Maifan Stone, please use it as an accessory.

Maifan Stone has the meaning and properties of purifying energy. Because it is a stone that was originally used for purifying water, it can be said that the energy purification capability is high. It’s recommended for people who are easily influenced from the surroundings or who are easy to accumulate energy. Also use it when you have to work in harsh environments. Maifan Stone will keep the owner’s best condition.

Maifan Stone is a gemstone that increases the owner’s energy amount. In addition to purifying energy, it also adds strength to it. It is an excellent healing stone which can do “exhaust”, “purification”, “recovery”, “invitation” and “reinforcement” of energy. It is an usable gemstone just by holding one.

Maifanite improves learning and memory, and dissolves antioxidant abilities of Alzheimer’s disease. Beneficial for skin conditions, used in ancient Chinese medicine and in water treatment all over the world and ancient Chinese medicine.

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