Personalised Weight Loss and Body Shaping Shape Food Plan - Epigenetic Hair Analysis

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Weight & Shape 90-Day - Personalised Action Plan

Your weight and shape are not just about appearance; they can also be powerful indicators of your overall wellbeing and endurance.

If you’ve explored various approaches without the desired results, it may be the perfect time to request a personalised nutritional and epigenetic report.

Why a personal 90-day dietary plan is important for weight and shape

Are you tired of trying different diets and not seeing the results you want?
Do you want to lose weight and improve your body shape in a healthy and sustainable way?

If so, a personalized 90-day dietary plan based on your epigenetic markers might be the solution you are looking for.

What are Epigenetic Markers?

Epigenetic markers are how your existing diet, environmental and lifestyle has impacted
your gene expression, which is expressed as your weight and shape as well as wellbeing.
By personalizing a 90 day plan based on your epigenetic markers, we can gain insights into how to optimise your cellular response to different foods and nutrients.

What are the benefits of a personalized 90-day dietary plan?

A personalized 90-day dietary plan can help you achieve your weight and shape goals by taking into account your epigenetic markers. Your own action plan is tailored to your unique underlying stressors and potential environmental pollutants, which may be the reason why other diets have not worked.

This means that you will be eating the right foods in the correct balanced amounts to support your body’s natural processes.

How is Epigenetic data gathered?

Your own Epigenetic data is gathered from four strands of your hair along with their roots, that you provide via mail or we pluck from your head. The hair data information is captured locally and sent via secure servers, to our super computers in Germany, where it is analysed. None of your own data is sent to Germany or recorded by a party.
The results of the analysis are then used to create a personalized 90-day dietary plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals.

How can you get started?

Getting started is easy! Simply provide a hair sample, and we will take care of the rest.
Our partners in, Germany, will analyze your epigenetic data and create a personalized 90-day dietary plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals.
You will receive a detailed report via email that includes dietary recommendations,
and other helpful information.

Don’t wait any longer to achieve your weight and shape goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our personalized 90-day dietary plan based on epigenetic markers.

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Important Information

Hair Screen Analysis Tests use the latest hair screening technology to identify the primary reason why optimal health is not being achieved. It also comes with a 37 page report of your cellular profile to enable you to make 

It does not claim diagnose, treat or cure and disease or ailment.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- The information we collect from you will not be distributed to any other THIRD Parties it is only used by us to complete your analysis. We will NOT transfer/pass on any of the information you give us to another party or use this information to send unsolicited advertising, emails etc.

We as a company abide by the " Privacy Regulations" set up within Australia and your Privacy is our first and foremost our priority.