Picture Jasper Heart 30mm- Knowledge, Grounding and Harmony - Crystal Healing

Picture Jasper Heart 30mm- Knowledge, Grounding and Harmony - Crystal Healing

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KNOWLEDGE boast the need to increase knowledge, bringing clarity, when there is intense pressure. A nurturing protective stone which brings comfort 

Picture Jasper is a grounding and harmonising stone with a strong connection to the earth. Its grounding energy can give you a strong sense of who you are, where you've been and where you are going. Placing a piece of Picture Jasper in a room is said to absorb negative energy. 

Picture Jasper, a remarkable form of Brown Jasper, is characterised by masterful “scenes” and landscape patterns formed by Nature, and is believed to contain hidden messages from the past. It was revered in many cultures of the world for its deep connection to the Earth, its protection during shamanic journeying, and its ability to divine the land and the future. It is perhaps more closely connected to the planet than any other Jasper and is known today as the Stone of Global Awareness.

A nurturing, protective stone, Picture Jasper brings comfort and alleviates fear, stimulating not only the Base Chakra in providing physical and spiritual energy for the body, but also activates the Third Eye Chakra enhancing visualisation. It instils a sense of proportion and harmony, enlivening one’s creativity and initiative, and is a marvellous talisman for bringing hidden emotions to the surface for healing

Presented in Black Velvet Pouch

More information on Picture Jasper
  • Harmony
  • Knowledge
  • Grounding
  • Visualisation
  • Environmental and Technological Pollution and Radiation
  • Healing
  • Prolonged Illness
  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Physical Injury
  • Emotional Injury
  • Reducing Stress
  • Eases Tension


  • Worn or carried around as a comforter stone
  • Meditated on when working on breaking an addition to assist to focus your mind and stay on track
  • When starting a new business venture keep picture jasper in your aura to assist with a successful outcome.
  • Placed on body or appropriate Chakra for healing

Affirmation I clearly visualize my goals and they become reality.

Chakra's Third Eye, Base and Solar Plexus
Zodiac: Capricorn and Leo
Healing – Assists with additions, helps keep immune system healthy, alleviates skin disorder, helps with lung issues as well an allergies.