Rose Quartz Angel Carving 50mm- Love • Friendship • Partnership • Crystal Healing • Valentines Day Gift Idea


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For spiritual and emotional protection, nothing compares to a guardian angel carved out of rose quartz.

With heart shaped wings, this Rose Quartz Angel Carving spreads love and radiates calming energy. The air of comfort and assurance that rose quartz emits will be a welcomed source of support in every stage of your journey. 

  1. Grab hold of your rose quartz angel to nourish the spirit with feelings of love and forgiveness. It’s easy to forget that you need to give yourself love and understanding in the same way that you do for others. Let this rose quartz angel be a reminder to take time for your spiritual needs. When you’re going through a difficult period in your life, you can feel blocked off to love.

  2. Connecting with a rose quartz angel opens the channel to your heart chakra, removing blocks and allowing you to accept the support you need. The love you’ll feel when holding this angel comes from the most powerful sources in the universe. For those in need of deep inner healing, apply a rose quartz angel to the heart chakra by placing it over your heart in meditation. Allow the angel to guide your soul through the healing process and repair your spirit with universal love.

  3. Giving a rose quartz angel as a gift to someone you love lets them know that they’re in your heart. When you’re not around, your loved one can turn to this rose quartz angel to feel your love and support. The tender comfort that rose quartz compassion brings will be a warm source of support from the highest power
Rose Quartz Angel
Size: about 35~36mm wide, 48~52mm long, 15~18mm thick.

Presented in a Velvet Pouch

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