Rose Quartz Dolphin 50mm - Love, Friendship and Partnership - Crystal Healing - Gift Idea


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Rose Quartz Little Dolphin, the dolphin represents harmony and balance. Dolphins are both highly intelligent and closely in tune with their instincts, striking a balance between the two states. Dolphins are also a symbol of protection and of resurrection. Their playful nature is a reminder that everyone needs to approach life with humour and joy. People who identify with the dolphin totem are usually peaceful and gentle, but with a deep inner strength.

The dolphin is a complex animal and has had many different meanings attached to it throughout history, including: 

  • Peace and harmony
  • Protection
  • Playfulness and joy
  • Resurrection
  • Inner Strength
  • Cooperation
Set an intention for someone you love in your life and give them a meaningful gift. If you're looking to attract love in your life.

Our Rose Quartz Crystal Little Dolphin will fill you life with the love and compassion.

Natural Rose Quartz Dolphin
Size: about 18mm wide, 52mm long and 30mm high
Presented in Velvet Pouch

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