Rose Quartz Faceted Pendulum - Love • Friendship • Partnership


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UNCONDITONAL LOVE  This stone serves as a gentle reminder that the most important person to love and nurture is yourself. Working with Rose Quartz opens up your heart to all kinds of love: self-love, familial love, friendship, romance and more.

ROSE QUARTZ is one of the most power stones to aid self-healing on a deep level. It vibrates an energy of pure love and light healing the heart of pain, ceasing stress and anxiety all while boosting unconditional acceptance and love for the self.

ROSE QUARTZ is perfect for one who suffers from any kind of past neglect, a broken heart or a traumatic incident revolving around love. Simply holding this stone will aid the purification of any blockages stored within the Heart Chakra.

More information on Rose Quartz

♥ Self-Love
♥ Unconditional Love
♥ Inner-Calmness
♥ Relaxation
♥ Friendship
♥ Healing
♥ Kindness
♥ Self-Forgiveness
♥ Self-Acceptance
♥ Kindness
♥ Forgiveness
♥ Compassion
♥ Intuition
♥ Empathy
♥ Self-identify
♥ Infinite Peace

Chakras - Heart Chakra
Zodiac - Aries, Taurus and Libra
Element - Earth and Water
Affirmation: I am filled with loving compassion for myself and others.

Approx 4 x 1.8 x 1.8cm
Chain Length 21.5 cm

Presented in Black Velvet Pouch

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