Rose Quartz Sphere - Love, Friendship and Partnership - Crystal Healing - Gift Idea

Rose Quartz Sphere - Love, Friendship and Partnership - Crystal Healing - Gift Idea

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Let the Rose Quartz Sphere energy guide you to stop wanting love, and begin seeing it both within and around you.

Crystal spheres emit energy out equally in every direction. Working with a rose quartz sphere allows you to feel fully immersed in the energy of love.

Ground yourself in the uplifting encouragement of this joyful stone, and you’ll open up on levels that you didn’t know were closed.


  1. Find a peaceful area within your home to sit or lay on the ground with your rose quartz sphere in your hand. Then state out loud the following affirmation: I open my heart to receive and express the energy of love.

  2. Hold your Rose Quartz sphere in your hand during meditation to let its healing love fill your spirit

  3. Rose Quartz spheres are the ultimate crystal to have in your bedroom, especially when paired with an Amethyst sphere - they make the ultimate crystal couple!

Rose Quartz Sphere
Size 50-60 mm with Hematite Stand

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