Ruby in Fuschite Tumbled Stone MEDIUM - Protection, Spiritual Communication and Detoxification- Crystal Healing - Gift Idea


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Ruby in Fushite Physically, Ruby in Fuchsite enhances tissue and cellular regeneration. Ruby in Fuchsite helps to improve recuperative abilities, whether it be the common cold or a major surgery. Ruby in Fuchsite can also help to enhance the strength of the immune system, which is crucial in the healing process.

Fuchsite on its own is a mineral of rejuvenation and renewal. The well known saying, "you're as young as you feel" could be attributed to Fuchsite, as it reminds us that no matter what our age, the attitude of youth and vitality is alive within each of us. This is a crystal that carries an energy of joy, sweetness, and a renewed connection to our inner child.

Ruby on its own is a powerful heart stone, opening and activating the Heart Chakra. It heals and balances emotions, makes you more emotionally aware, and helps you connect to others emotionally. Ruby stimulates a loving and nurturing energy. The intense and vivid energy of Ruby stimulates loving emotions, helps with the expression of love, and can facilitate states of passion and bliss.

Our gorgeous  Tumbled Ruby in Fuchsite has natural, red Ruby tabular crystals embedded in green Fuchsite. Tumbled Ruby in Fuchsite combines the best properties of the two minerals and the Fuchsite will enhance the energies of the Ruby.

The combination of Ruby and Fuchsite help to deepen compassion, understanding and acceptance.

1 x Tumbled Stone presented in Organza Pouch with information card

♥ Protection
♥ Spiritual Communication
♥ Detoxification
♥ Abundance
♥ Aura Strengthening
♥ Clarity
♥ Karma
♥ Serenity 

Affirmation:  I surround myself with positive energy
Chakras - Heart, Crown and Third Eye
Zodiac - Aquarius
Element - Water

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