Sodalite Puff Heart Pendant - Intuition, Focuses Energy and Guidance - Healing Crystal - Gift Idea


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Crystals that have been shaped into hearts increase loving energy in addition to the other characteristics of the type of crystal. A heart shaped crystal bestows love and truth to the giver and receiver. A feeling of peace and security accompanies this shape.

You may use a heart as a worry stone for your palm or meditate by holding them as they will bring peace and loving energies as the crystal type is amplified.

Sodalite Puff Heart Pendant
Size: about 15.5 mm wide, 18~19 mm long and 7.5~10 mm thick
Chain: 50 cm Stainless Steel
Presented in  Velvet Pouch

Throat and Third Eye
Astrological signs: Sagittarius
Affirmation: I am guided by logic and intuition.

Physically, Sodalite is great for the metabolism, the immune system, and is believed to help regulate blood pressure.

Sodalite is also very helpful for those who seem to be encountering many difficulties in their life, as it can bring unhealthy ingrained patterns to the surface to be released, and it can promote deep self-examination to reveal underlying causes to one's problems. When dealing with such covert issues, one should work with the stone consistently, by meditating with it and possibly sleeping with it under the pillow to help bring productive dreams.

Place Sodalite next to your computer to help clear electromagnetic pollution.

Sodalite is often used when altruism and/or idealism are needed in a situation.

Sodalite is said to promote companionship, and can be used in group settings where cooperation is needed.


❉ Aging Process
❉ Autism
❉ Blood Disorders
❉ Blood Pressure Regulation
❉ Bod
❉ Brain Disorders and Health
❉ Chemotherapy
❉ Glandular Disorders and Health
❉ High Blood Pressure
❉ Insomnia
❉ Laryngitis
❉ Liver Cleansing
❉ Liver Disorders and Health
❉ Lymphatic System
❉ Pain Relief
❉ Radiation
❉ Spleen
❉ Thyroid Balance and Health
❉ Tonsillitis
❉ Travel Sickness
❉ Water Retention


❉ Emotional Balance
❉ Overactive Mind
❉ Self Confidence and Self Worth

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