Trollite (SMALL) Tumbled Stone

Trollite (SMALL) Tumbled Stone

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Trollite is a calming and soothing stone which everyone should have in their collection.. With it's beautiful blue hues, it is nurturing and kind, this crystal can help you to connect to your spirituality. It also allows for space for you to acknowledge your deeper intuition, to see things for how they are, whilst letting go of stress.

Trollite has many healing benefits and it has a high vibration and a soothing restful vibration. It helps remove the blocks or obstacles in the way of your spiritual journey.

Using Trollite for rituals and meditation practices will inspire, motivate, and attract an abundance of opportunities for you. Its action to boost your spirituality and to aid spiritual healing and awakening is extremely powerful.

Sit with this stone, ask for guidance, and release expectations for how the answer will be received. This is a great time to journal. Keep your awareness open for inner messages and external signs from your Spirit support team.

Element - Water
Chakras - Crown and Throat
Affirmation - I have clear thoughts and emotions

Please be note: as natural objects their appearances and size may vary from the images shown on our website and they may also have tiny fissures and pits, please bear this in mind when ordering.