Unakite Crystal Gemstone Puff Heart Key Chain -Balance, Release and Motivation - Crystal Healing


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Unakite is also said to be good for the reproductive system, for healthy pregnancies, and for the healthy development of unborn babies. Some have even had experiences of communicating with the baby while still in utero.

Unakite is great for self-healing and recovery, and can be helpful to those suffering from chronic illness. Many use Unakite to bring the subconscious mind to a remembering of perfect health.

Unakite balances the emotional and spiritual bodies, and provides gentle release of blockages.

A Third Eye Chakra stone, Unakite is good for opening one up to spiritual growth and psychic visions. Meditate with tumbled Unakite on the Third Eye to bring knowledge in from the higher self into the heart for understanding and implementation.

Unakite has a gentle action of sending out peaceful vibes to those nearby.

It can be useful at work or home, emanating calming energies into the environment.

Carry it with you when going to functions with large groups of people to help keep the peace.

Unakite can also protect against electromagnetic pollution from computers or cell phones.

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♥ Ageing Process
♥ Autism
♥ Addictions
♥ Alcoholism
♥ Body Weight Management
♥ Colds and Flu
♥ Electromagnetic Pollution and Smog
♥ Heart
♥ Infertility
♥ Menstrual Cramps and Menstruation
♥ Reproductive Organs
♥ Skin Infections and Irritations
♥ Tissue Health and Healing


♥ Emotional Healing
♥ Motivation


♥ Activates Will
♥ Heart Chakra
♥ Increases and Enhances Intuition
♥ Meditation
Past Life Recall

Affirmation: I am here to flourish
Chakras - Heart and Third Eye
Zodiac - Scorpio

Unakite Puff Heart Key Chain
Size: about 72mm long, pendant: 24.5 x 20 x 10.5~12mm, ring: 25x2mm.
Presented in Black Velvet Pouch

Whilst we endeavour to describe and size our products as accurately as possible, please remember Crystals and Gemstones are natural minerals each with their own beautiful and unique patterns and formations; therefore no two crystals or gemstones are ever the same and each piece we sell is unique in composition.

Please be note, as natural objects their appearances and size can vary from the images shown on our website and they may contain tiny fissures and pits.