SUNCATCHERS are a unique way to bring colour, light, and personality into any living space using Crystals, Holographic Prisms and Diffraction to turn every ray of light into vibrant rainbow colours that stretch out and envelope your room.

When deciding where to hang your Suncatcher may seem straightforward, but there are several tips and tricks to consider when you’re deciding how and where to hang your Sun-catcher.

Finding the right spot for your Sun-catcher

Once you have received your Sun-catcher, you have to find the perfect area to hang it. When looking for that perfect room/area, consider how your Sun-catchers works: light is diffracted through special holographic lenses or crystals  to turn light into individual rainbows. Naturally, then,Sun-catchers work best when they are situated in a window that will get direct sunlight.

Hanging you Sun-Catcher

Start with a clean window; a clean surface will help the strong suction cup adhere to your window. Next, wet the suction cup before placing it on the window, ensuring it will not slip off the window. 

If you prefer that your Sun-catcher dangle from the suction cup, tie a thread to the Sun-catcher and the other end to the suction cup. This can create a bit more movement, which can really make your rainbows come alive!